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Ответы на школьные экзамены
По всем предметам 9 и 11 классов!

ЕГЭ 2011
Все о едином государственном экзамене 2011 года.

Мобильные шпаргалки
По всем предметам!

Готовые домашние задания
Для 10 и 11 классов!

Литература и русский язык:
- Рефераты по литературе
- Сочинения для мобильника
- Изложения (9 класс)
- Биографии писателей и поэтов
- Экзаменационные вопросы по русскому языку
- Хрестоматия по русской литературе
- Рекомендации к письменному экзамену по русскому языку и литературе (сочинение)
- Орфографии и пунктуации
- Скачать изложения
- Шпаргалка по литературе
- Шпаргалка по русскому языку

- Рефераты по истории
- Доклады по знаменитым личностям
- Карты по истории России
- Шпаргалка по истории

Иностранные языки:
- Топики по английскому языку
- Топики по немецкому языку
- Англо-русский словарь
- Шпаргалка по англ. языку
- Полезные материалы

Психологическая подготовка к экзаменам

Коллекция рефератов

- Таблица Менделеева
- Единицы измерения
- Гороскоп школьника
- Информация о ЦТ 2008

К оглавлению /

Hinduism Through Movies

Today, you are one of the successful persons of Indian heritage, a Hindu. Today, can you be sure that your children & grandchildren will grow up in the faith of their forefathers? Will they practice the peaceful glory of Hinduism? Will they identify with its poojas, rituals and its wonderful traditions? There are good reasons why some of these questions should trouble you. We can do something about this for the good of our community as a whole. With a belief that every journey must begin with the first step, we have commenced production of a TV/DVD/Videotape entitled, “Hinduism Through Movies”. We must be practical and realize that today’s children must be addressed in a style and medium they relate to -- the style of our production and the manner of our presentation will immediately capture their interest! The product will be made in an entertaining format, which will be both unique and immensely powerful in its impact. “Hinduism Through Movies” will explain the Hindu weddings, poojas, rituals, festivals, the unique Hindu concept of one God but many deities, the Ramayan, Mahabharat; reincarnation; the important role of vegetarianism, Vastu Shashtra, Yoga for a Hindu; and Hinduism’s great tradition of tolerance for all other religions etc. Please join us in our effort. We cannot do it without your help. We seek someone who is proud to be a champion of Hinduism. Someone who will carry with him/her the blessings of millions of parents all over the world and the punya of all those blessings. Someone who, at the end of the day, will want to look not only at all his material and worldly success in life but also at what he has done for something larger than life itself. We hope you will be that person. Please visit www.globalhindus.com and kindly participate to protect, preserve and promote Hinduism in whichever way you deem fit.

Закачай шпаргалки по всем предметам в свой мобильник! Закачай школьные сочинения в свой мобильник и списывай на уроке литературы!

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