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Ответы на школьные экзамены
По всем предметам 9 и 11 классов!

ЕГЭ 2011
Все о едином государственном экзамене 2011 года.

Мобильные шпаргалки
По всем предметам!

Готовые домашние задания
Для 10 и 11 классов!

Литература и русский язык:
- Рефераты по литературе
- Сочинения для мобильника
- Изложения (9 класс)
- Биографии писателей и поэтов
- Экзаменационные вопросы по русскому языку
- Хрестоматия по русской литературе
- Рекомендации к письменному экзамену по русскому языку и литературе (сочинение)
- Орфографии и пунктуации
- Скачать изложения
- Шпаргалка по литературе
- Шпаргалка по русскому языку

- Рефераты по истории
- Доклады по знаменитым личностям
- Карты по истории России
- Шпаргалка по истории

Иностранные языки:
- Топики по английскому языку
- Топики по немецкому языку
- Англо-русский словарь
- Шпаргалка по англ. языку
- Полезные материалы

Психологическая подготовка к экзаменам

Коллекция рефератов

- Таблица Менделеева
- Единицы измерения
- Гороскоп школьника
- Информация о ЦТ 2008

К оглавлению /

Public holidays and celebrations in Great Britain

There are only 6 public holidays in GB. Those are days on which people need not go into work. These are days: Christmas Day, Boxing day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Spring Bank Holiday and Late Summer Bank Holiday. Most of these holidays are of religious origin, though it would be right to say that for the great part of the population they have lost their religious significance and are simply days on which people relax, drink and make merry. All public holidays, except Christmas day and Boxing day observed on December 25th and 26threspectively, are movable, that is don't fall on the same day each year. Christmas day observed on December 25th is the most popular public holiday of the year in all parts of GB except Scotland. On Christmas Eve offices and public buildings close at one o'clock, but the shops stay open late. Most high cities especially London, are decorated with colored lights across the streets and Christmas tries. Everybody wants to be at home for Christmas. At homes there's a great air of expectation. The children are decorating the tree, housewives are busy in the kitchen getting things ready for the next day's dinner. The Christmas bird, nowadays usually turkey, is being prepared and stuffed. The chief Christmas tree is usually in Trafalgar Square, in front of the national Gallery, and it has become a tradition that the tree is a present from the people of Oslo. December 26th is called Boxing day because traditionally it was the day for people still give a "Christmas box" to the postman and milkman, but it's usually some money. This is the day when one visits friends, goes for a drive or a long walk or just sits around recovering from too much food. In the big cities and towns, tradition on that day demands a visit to the Christmas pantomime where one is entertained by the story of Cinderella, or Puss in boots or whoever it may be. Easter is a religious holiday and Easter Monday is a bank holiday. Certain old traditions are observed, whenever it's celebrated as the start of spring or a religious festival. London greets the spring with a true spectator. Easter Parade in Batter Sea Park on Easter Sunday each year. It is sponsored by the London, Tourist Board and is usually planned around a central theme related to the history and attractions of London. During the Easter Holidays the attention of the progressive people in Britain and indeed throughout the world is focussed. First and foremost on the Easter Peace Marches, which took place for the first time in 1958 and have since become traditional. Good Friday and Easter Monday depend on Easter Sunday, which falls on the 1st Sunday after a full Moon on or after March 21st. The Spring Bank Holiday falls on the last Monday of May or on the 1st Monday of June, while the Late Summer Bank Holiday comes on the last Monday in August or on the first Monday in September, depending on which of the Monday is nearer to June 1st and September 1st respectively. Besides public holidays, there are other festivals, anniversaries and simply days, for example Pancake Day and Bonfire High on which certain traditions are observed.

Закачай шпаргалки по всем предметам в свой мобильник! Закачай школьные сочинения в свой мобильник и списывай на уроке литературы!

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